Quilled Miscellanea

What kind of blog would My Modern Quill be without any quill work? A misleading and tricksy one! So to remedy this I am putting all the quill work I do right here.

The first little bit of Tolkien’s Silmarillion


More from the Ainulindale


The Valaquenta, or the Eldars’ Myths about the Valar


The Silmarillion proper


The Akallabeth, or the downfall of Numenor, the great kingdom of men beyond the Sea


Of the Rings of Power and the Third age, or Lord of the Rings, condensed.


This is the first title page I did for the Hobbit, marked up a bit to help with revision.

This is the first try at the Table of Contents, a bit large…


…it spanned two full pages!


And so it begins… oops, I messed up!


take two

Here is the revised version of the Title Page, much better I think.


take two

Here is the revised table of contents, much smaller. It all fits on one page!


In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.

And so it begins…for real!


Questions? Comments? Wanna say "That's awesome!" Now's your chance

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