Well, I’m back!

First, super belated new year’s welcome to you!

Second, my new year’s resolution is about the same as last year, (see one post back) which obviously didn’t turn out so well but hopefully this year will be better!

Third, a brief overview of my last year of calligraphy; even if I haven’t been posting about it I have done quite a bit this year. I’ve continued to attend the weekly scriptoriums at a local college where I’ve gotten much inspiration and a chance to practice at least once a week with a lovely bunch of fellow calligraphy student. I also joined IAMPETH! Mostly because their yearly conference was going to be in my hometown last summer and that was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. So I went to the conference in July which was fantastic! More to come on that later, suffice to say a whole week of workshops and enthusiastic calligraphy people was a wonderful experience and I got introduced to pointed pen which is completely different from the broad edge stuff I’ve done (and fantastically fun!). In October I finally joined my local calligraphy society and went to a day of calligraphy classes they sponsored and attended my first meeting in November. I’ve also reconsidered my hobbit project, I think I have the skills now to make an actual manuscript with real calligraphy, so recently I’ve been experimenting with styles of script and illuminating and decorated capitals.


Currently I am going through all my old calligraphy and attempting to get it into some sort of chronological order so I can do some retrospective posts. It’s hard to believe I’ve been working at this calligraphy thing for almost five years!


Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be getting some of my calligraphy from the past year scanned in and take pictures of the rest so I can share it here. Stay tuned…


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