Scriptorium #6 and #7

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been quite unmotivated and completely uninspired to do any sort of calligraphy. This malaise continued through last weeks scriptorium and it wasn’t until yesterday (Thursday) that inspiration and motivation mysteriously returned. So this post includes last week’s scriptorium as well as this week’s.

First was warm ups, as usual:Scriptorium 6 Warm ups 01Next I decided to switch to gothic, being frustrated with my italics, and did some brief warm up:

Scriptorium 6 Warm Ups gothic

Mostly just trying to figure out that ‘v’. The quote is one by Benjamin Franklin, I believe.

Then I wrote out the poem that Bilbo writes for Strider. Lord of the Rings is a constant source of quotes and poems for my calligraphy; needless to say I love LotR:

Scriptorium 6 Strider poem practice Gothic

Lastly, because the instructor said we should be working on real work and not just practicing the alphabet etc., I made this:Scriptorium 6 Omit Needless Words gothic

It might be familiar, if it’s not then I have some suggested reading for you: The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White. Brief, succinct writing advise. I found it quite amusing.

This week at the scriptorium I warmed up, as per usual:Scriptorium 7 Warm ups 1 Scriptorium 7 Warm ups 2

And then started working on name tags. The college where the scriptorium is held is having their annual alumni reunion next week and handwritten name-tags were requested. So for the past couple of sessions people have been working on those, about four hundred name-tags! This week I finally jumped in and made some. I didn’t quite feel ready, my capitals are still shaky, but they all turned out alright. I didn’t take any pictures of them and of course they were all left for the alumni outreach person, so I can’t share them with you. But by the time I left there were about twenty left of the four hundred. An industrious couple of weeks for everyone!


4 thoughts on “Scriptorium #6 and #7

  1. No very active these days either. Usually I don’t worry about it, I’m on and off depending on other activities and my time available for drawing or calligraphy.

    • It usually doesn’t bother me, but I have been trying to post at least somewhat regularly so it’s a little frustrating! But the inspiration or whatchamacallit’s back now, so alles gut.

  2. Greetings! I’ve recently been getting back into calligraphy after ages and ages of not doing it, and it’s a blast discovering how many people have started posting tutorials and comments on the internet. I found your blog through your comment on The Calligraphy Pen, and I look forward to seeing your progress! (I haven’t got a blog of my own yet, but I’ve been doing enough work that I should create one.)

    Question: Are you using Marc Drogin’s book for Gothic Littera Bastarda? Your ductus looks a lot like his.

    • Hello! That’s awesome, I know I never would have been able to get where I am with calligraphy if it weren’t for the forums and such I’ve found online, so inspiring!

      Yes I am using Marc Drogin’s book, good eye!

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