Scriptorium #5

First was warm ups, as per usual. I really like imagining daft zebras jumping, and I’m sure it would quickly vex anyone who was in the area especially if you were sitting quietly writing out ioioioioio’s and then in through the door bursts a dozen zany zebras prancing away, getting all up in your business. Quite vexing.

Warm ups

I was having some trouble with my nib, at home, but I had the instructor test it out and it worked fine. I think I was just using too heavy a hand. My feather touch needs developing, apparently. So I’ll work on that. The college need several hundred, I believe, name-tags for an alumni reunion. And so we were delivered a huge list of names. It wasn’t imperative that we do them all, but anything we could would help. The reunion thing isn’t until early June so we have some time to get it done. I need to work on my majuscules (capital letters) before I write anyone’s name! I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t yet done a real study of capital letter but it looks like now’s the time to study up!

In addition to any name tag-writing we’d be willing to do, the instructor passed out this sheet of flourishes, chancery italic flourishes to be precise, as a way to loosen up and practice without  being so concentrated and precise. He said it was from a book of instruction by Arrighi called Operini. I did a little searching and you can find the whole book as a file here. This is page 34, a list of Italian honorifics and titles (e.g. Mr., PhD. MD. etc):

Arrighi Flourishes

So I copied some, and also practiced some majuscules (the ‘easier’ ones):

Flourish practice 01

It was a lot of fun, all those swoopy curvy lines! I found that there was a pattern, and certain rules to it. Even though it may look just like random swirly shapes it actually is attempting to frame and underline, emphasize, certain letters/phrases. Many of the downward curves are similar, and the horizontal lines are parallel and even, dictating the letter height or filling up empty space between descenders or ascenders. I fully intend to continue this line of practice. It’s too much fun not to, and it will really add some flair and class to my work. Or at least I think so. Here’s some more:

Flourish.caps practice 2

Next  I practiced lyric to another song, The Leaving of Liverpool. I am doing a series, I suppose you could call it, of song lyrics. I got so caught up in the letters and words that I realized I was just copying out the song instead of doing the chorus, which was my intention. Oh well, it’s just more practice:

Leaving of Liverpool Practice

Yeah, I spelled Prince wrong. It happens. Also I like to image what the heck a prinec is!


That’s all for now. I do have another post in the works, look for it early this week.


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