Scriptorium Session #3

Quick! Before the next session on Thursday let me share what I did last week. Last week we made weathergrams to hang around campus for the end-of-the-year celebration. Created by Lloyd Reynolds weathergrams are “based loosely on the ideas of Japanese haiku, Reynolds’ weathergrams now have a permanent place in the Pacific Northwest calligraphy history. He defined the weathergram text as a sudden insight, so brevity—10 words or less—was essential. The subject matter should be seasonal, and the resulting vertical flag, preferably made of brown paper grocery bags, should be hung on a tree branch in “the garden, at a campsite, or along a mountain trail” and left outdoors between solstice and equinox, or equinox and solstice. The three-month weathering of these written statements was essential to the weathergram, a “weather-writing,” as it started its journey back to nature.” from the Reed College website. I left mine there to be hung up around campus so I don’t have a picture to share, but I do plan on making more and hanging them up around my yard. I think it’s a really neat idea.

First, as usual, was some warm ups, with a new pangram:

Warm ups

Again, I forgot to dot several ‘i’s. That’s starting to become a bad habit!


Next I practiced the piece I was going to work on that week to figure out spacing as well as how to best center it on the page. I’ve done something like it before and really liked how it turned out, so I thought I’d do it again, with a different song and a much better grasp on italic.

Morning bird 1

I remembered to dot the ‘i’s this time, so maybe it’s not too much of an issue! “Where living plants are growing” was what I put on my weathergram. It’s from the Waldorf Morning Verse.

And lastly I begun work on the final project! It’s lyrics to a song by Forrest Sun that I feel are quite soothing and touching.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time in the scriptorium to finish it and I haven’t yet gotten to it at home so it remains woefully incomplete. I might just end up redoing the whole thing because I really am not fond of the beginning ‘S’.

Morning bird 2

But I’ll probably end up finishing it anyway.

That’s all for now, but in other news I spent most of Saturday working on proofs of the Quenya Textbook, so I’ll have some more to share on that soon!


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