A Brief Survey of Gothic



I meant to post this yesterday, oops!

I took some time this past week to work on my gothic littera bastarda and I thought I’d share some long term progress. This first piece was done back in January, I believe I’ve shared it before but here it is again for comparison’s sake.Tinuviel Practice


And another Tolkien poem, from the dwarves this time. This was done in early April, it might have been exactly a month ago. It wasn’t a finished piece, it wasn’t meant to be, but I did want it to be presentable. I was trying to see if this layout would work, which it does, sort of. Also, don’t mind the majuscules (capital letters) I still haven’t worked too much on them in gothic or in italics and mostly just improvise poorly from the exemplar.
The World was Young


I’m not sure when this was done, but sometime between the last one and the next one. The text is from a Monty Python skit. With this one I wanted to see if I could write a whole page of text and have it be consistent and keep it looking nice, without wearing myself out. Which also kind of worked. Again, disregard the majuscules, though they’re getting better.

Writing Practice Gothic Litera Bastarda


This was done on April 2nd, as far as I can figure out (I should probably date my work). It’s one of the riddles from chapter five of The Hobbit: Riddles in the Dark, when Gollum and Bilbo have their riddle game. I plan on doing all of the riddles in a similar manner at some point, after I improve a wee bit more.

Hobbit Riddle Gollum 1


And lastly, a piece I did this week. It’s from Walden, by Thoreau, explaining is reasons for living in the woods. I was focusing on the letter forms, trying to get them as close to the exemplar as possible, and trying to keep the letters between the lines, especially at the bottoms. It mostly worked out, and I’m quite proud of this piece! Although, just to be a bit critical, looking at it now on-screen I could have worked more on keeping the letters vertical, especially the d‘s.Walden with border


That’s all for now. I do have some work from the scriptorium to share with you this weekend, as well as something else entirely…


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