Scriptorium Session #2

Here’s the work I did at the local college’s scriptorium session last Thursday. First it was i’s and o’s again:

Scriptorium 2 - Warm Ups

You can see I have a bad habit of forgetting to cross my ‘i’s. Also another pangram to practice letter spacing

Next I copied a quote the instructor had done and put up on the projector screen. A quote by Chaucer, which I though was a nice coincidence since I brought some Chaucer myself to work on!

Scriptorium 2 Chaucer Quote

Again, forgot to dot some ‘i’s. Plus a random sentence that came out of nowhere!

Then I switched to a smaller nib to work on the Chaucer quote I brought. It’s an excerpt from the prologue to Canterbury Tales. We all had to memorize it for an English class in high school and it’s stuck with me so I thought I’d turn it into a calligraphy piece! I needed to use a smaller nib to fit it all on the paper but I think that was probably a mistake; my time would have been better spent, I think, continuing to work on getting the letter forms consistent and correct because, as you can see, some of the letters are a little wonky!

Scriptorium 2 Canterbury Tales

Pay no attention to the capitals, I still need to work on them. I did dot all the I’s this time! But I misspelled some words. Oh well, it’s Middle English, no one will notice anyway.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and as always comments and critiques are welcome!



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