Scriptorium Session #1

Hello everyone, as I believe I mentioned before a local college is holding weekly scriptorium sessions which I am lucky enough to attend. Before I go to the next one tomorrow I thought I’d share my work from the one last week. I had a great time working on my calligraphy with others and in just one session I saw remarkable improvement! I’m quite excited at the prospect of the rapid progress these sessions offer. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

I started off with i’s and o’s and after a couple of lines moved on to an alphabet chain to try to improve my m’s. Next was a pangram to work on some letter and word spacing.

Scriptorium no1 Warm up


Next I worked on a poem by Tom Clark, to figure out spacing and lay out for a final piece. But first here’s the same poem written a couple of months ago, for comparison:

Scriptorium no1-when the gods die 0

The missing letter at the beginning is a ‘W’. I planned on adding later as an illumination

And here’s the rough drafts, plus some w’s which I was having some trouble with (being left-handed it’s sometimes difficult to see if I’m getting the right angles and slant):

Scriptorium no1-when the gods die 2

Check out those w’s!

Scriptorium no1-when the gods die 1

I forgot the stanza break in this one, oops!


And finally a final working of the poem on nice, clean, unlined paper:

Scriptorium no1-when the gods die 3

Unfortunately I messed up on the stanza break again, plus I mixed up a couple of letters, so it’s not the final version yet; just more practice, which I suppose can’t be a bad thing. Also the missing letter is again a ‘w’ to be added in later as a decorated initial.

That’s all for now, I’ll have more to share after the next scriptorium session tomorrow night.


2 thoughts on “Scriptorium Session #1

    • Thanks! Yeah, the alphabet chain is great for working on individual letters without getting too caught up in the details. Yes I have seen those Lloyd Reynold videos, absolutely inspiring, and quite informative!

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