A Ductus for Tengwar

As a companion post to the previous one, I just wanted to share the ductus I made for tengwar. A ductus is simply the order and direction of pen-strokes to form a letter. It was pretty easy, I just printed out all the tengwar at a large enough size then just traced over them and recorded the order of the pen strokes. I figured out the distances for ascenders and descenders, and the body height by using the full width of the nib to make several short sideways strokes next to the the letter up up up, like a step ladder  then by counting them I can say they are all 5 pen-widths high. I used a protractor to figure out the pen angle, the angle the pen must constantly be kept at to correctly form the letters, for these tengwar it’s about 50 degrees.

I wasn’t sure about some of the names of individual tengwa so I left some incomplete or unnamed. If you have any suggestions for improvement I’d be glad to hear, this was my first time making one of these so some feedback would be nice.

Tengwar Ductus

Click Image for a slightly larger, clearer…image


2 thoughts on “A Ductus for Tengwar

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the ductus! I’ll be give a try and I’ll tell you my experience but I think you found the optimal ductus.

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