Fun with Index Cards!

I have discovered index cards! Well, I’ve used them before but I’ve found out that they are marvelous for calligraphy! Not large enough to be intimidating; not small enough to be cramped; but just the right size for a couple of words or short phrases.

This started when I wrote the word Hogwash at the start of my practice session. Then the session got derailed a bit as I thought of more synonyms. I came up with poppycock, tommyrot, and codswallop. Using my best gothic littera bastarda I wrote them each out in the middle of an index card.Baloney 04

Then using a fantastic tutorial for borders I found here (the one under the heading Border Bar with Ivy) I added the border; in pencil first, then I went over it with aurora black, using my dip pen.Baloney Border 04Next I added the gold color. I don’t have any gold leaf, or any practice with it, but I do have sharpie’s metallic gold oil based paint which I used to great effect. It’s even shimmery in person!Baloney Gold 04

Next I needed to fill in the white space with red and blue. I did several practice runs with different media because I wasn’t sure which would work best. I tried colored pencil, which seemed a little faint beside the strong opacity of the gold. Next was fountain pen ink. But that didn’t work either, it was way too dark and I couldn’t see the black lines beneath, plus it made them bleed and was just no good! Then I tried watercolor but of course it was way to transparent and etherial, no matter how little water I added. Lastly I tried markers. I thought they would be way too overpowering but they weren’t and actually worked almost perfectly! So that’s what I used to add the red and blue, prismacolor premier art markers.Baloney colored 04

Now all that was left was adding some details, like buds and so-called pen sprays and I was done!Baloney Final 04

Here are all four index cards in finished form. Unfortunately I didn’t wait long enough to erase the writing lines and the ink smeared on some of them but other than that I think they came out pretty well! Baloney Final 01 Baloney Final 02 Baloney Final 03 Baloney Final 04


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