Quenya Textbook (Draft)

Hey everyone, as I’ve said before, I wanted to do a draft of textbook before putting it on the nice aged paper. I think I will do this for each page just to make sure I have layout and everything done right. The source of this textbook is Quenya101.com, and I have gotten their permission to duplicated it, as well as a big thank you. If you want to look ahead at the lessons I haven’t finished yet check them out, I highly encourage it actually; their website/blog is a tremendously useful resource! Anyway without much more ado here are the drafts. I am aware that there are some mistakes and some things aren’t quite centered, but that’s why it’s a draft!

IMG_001IMG_002IMG_003 IMG_004 IMG_005 IMG_006

So there you have it! Any questions or comments or exclamations are greatly appreciated! In other news I have found a piece of Plexiglas and have been working at cutting some pieces to make a light-box so I can finally get back to the Hobbit. Other projects have not continued, but I am taking a watercolor painting class at school, so hopefully I’ll be able to incorporate that into my calligraphy soon! Till next time have fun browsing Quenya101.


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