Winter is Coming

But seriously. Winter really is coming; it’s getting darker earlier and getting light later. I work at the local farmers maket on Sundays so I have to get up at early to be there by seven. And I haven’t really been keeping track all summer long but I do know that it was dark when I woke up today when it had been light previously, like not just-a-tinge-of-dawn light, but really light like I can see individual leaves on the treds in my yard bright. Today it was more like is-it-really-time-to-get-up-yet?-but-it’s-still-nightime-dark dark. Long tangents and run-on-sentances aside I am working on some projects and making quite a bit of headway on the Quenya textbook. I had left the nice page I’d made previously on the printer and it got a bit beat up. But that didn’t matter because it looked a little lacking to my eyes and I was thinking about redoing it anyway. So I redesigned the page and the layout of the whole textbook and am working to bring it to completion. In fact ove the next few days I will be asking for your suggestions because, in addition to making this textbook for my own personal use, I also plan on turning it into a pdf so other people can easily download it and print it off for their own use as well. Also I will have a tutorial of sorts and a new project (or two {or three}) to share with you all. That’s it for now, I’m off to bed. Have a good night/morning/lunch/day.


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