A brief interlude from my other projects.

I was reading Biblioklept, a blog I regularly follow, when one of their posts caught my eye. The title alone intrigued me “He reportedly owns many guns and a flamethrower”. I thought it would make an amusing piece. Recently having had trouble with the Alice Project and stalling on the Quenya Textbook Project I decided it would be nice to do something quick and fairly easy. I took the quote (He reportedly owns many guns and a flamethrower)  and wrote it near the top of the page. Using a capital from an illuminated manuscript I found on the Digital Scriptorium as a model I decorated the capital H of ‘He’.

Here is the Capital H I adapted mine from

Here is the Capital ‘H’ I adapted mine from.

Some sort of illustration, perhaps of a flame-thrower, would go really well with this quote. So I roughed in a flame-thrower and some fantastically huge flames. Some demons prancing about completed the illustration. But something was still missing. I found a simple border, again from the Digital Scriptorium, and added it to my piece. Now I had a pretty good rough draft, so to speak.


Now it was time to do it up nice. I got a new piece of paper and wrote out the whole quote in my nicest italics. But when I added the decoration to the capital ‘H’ the margins were off, so I started again with a new piece of paper.


AH NO it’s squished up in the corner!

This time I decorated the ‘H’ before writing the rest of the quote and it turned out much better. After adding the flame thrower and the dancing demons I simplified the flames from my rough draft:

Flame Thrower

I thought this looked pretty good just by itself so I scanned it in. But then I reconsidered and darkened the flames and added the border along the bottom (see below).

This is the simple border I incorporated into the finished piece

This is the simple border I incorporated into the finished piece

Here is the final piece, border, flames, fancy ‘H’, demons and all:

The finished Piece

The finished Piece

I do have another one of these interludes planned so keep an eye out in the future. Which version do you like better? The first one, without the border and with simplified flames? Or the second one with full flame action and a complete border?


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