A Quick Little Something

Last week was finals week for my summer classes, so I was not able to get much done. I’ve been pretty busy this week too but I do have a couple of things to share. I tried to combine the teapot drawing with the tea party illustration on the computer and had a devil of a time trying to get it to look right. In the end I had to ask my brother for help and he couldn’t get it either. So I think I will  have to come up with something else to draw for that,  or just not do it on the computer. I have not put the elvish letters onto the page for the text-book yet but I will soon I promise. I just needed to practice them a bit, figure out how big they are, what sort of shapes work best and get used to writing them before I put them in the text-book. The other picture I have to share is practice for the Alice quote; seeing how long it is, what sort of space it takes up, how I should break up the lines etc. So that’s about it for now, here are the pictures:

IMG_0005 (989x1280)

IMG_0006 (989x1280)

IMG_0004 (989x1280)

I got a bit tired and lazy towards the end


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