Where to begin…

Ah yes, “Concerning Hobbits”. No wait, that’s not it. I have been extremely lax, again, about posting. You may have noticed a theme on this blog. I did think about just ignoring the long absence and just posting like nothing was amiss, but obviously something is amiss. So now what? I am going to tell you about a few new projects and promise, yet again it seems, to attempt a regular posting schedule. I will, I will, I will, be writing weekly updates to inform you of my progress (I had to repeat myself there a few times for emphasis, and to impress upon myself the extreme importance of being faithful to my readers).

Now a semi side-note: my laptop has crapped out on me again. Even hooked up to an external monitor it still couldn’t handle the pressure of being a laptop. If any of you are thinking of getting a Dell Inspirion M5030 I would advise against it. So while I search for a replacement on ebay, I will be writing to you from the spacious confines of my phone. That means phone-camera pictures of stuff and things rather than scans, and perhaps a misspelled word here and there. I apologize, but there you have it.

For my first project I can only give you a hint: Hint. The second project is an “Alice in Wonderland” multi-media extravaganza piece for my mother’s future tea house. And I am making a personal textbook of sorts from the quenya101 site (with permission) so I can make a go at learning elvish.  Lastly, of course, the hobbit. Although that is on a bit of a hiatus until I get a new laptop and make myself a light board.

So there you have it. You will hear from me soon!


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