What I’ve Been Up To…

I am afraid this is another update post, but with pretty (or at least I hope they’re pretty) pictures this time! My calligraphic pursuits have unfortunately been slightly neglected as I am currently trying to find a job. As this has left me quite tired by the end of the day my calligraphy has suffered. Not to say that I haven’t been doing anything! I have begun to learn capital letters! Here are a couple of my first attempts:Caps1

And a switch to a nice blue for the new year!

And a switch to a nice blue for the new year!


As you can see these were from a while ago and I am sorry to say my capital practice has gone no further yet. You can see in the last picture a little foreshadowing of my next project. I wanted to write out Tolkien’S early poem Errantry. I spent quite a lot of time here at this fantastic database of illuminated manuscripts looking for the perfect border for the poem. At last I found one that I liked, and one that wasn’t too difficult. So I copied it. But when I went to write the poem I found my nib was too big for the page! And so I got this:

oopsy-daisy! Maybe it'll work better to do the words first next time!

oopsy-daisy! Maybe it’ll work better to do the words first next time!

It is a nice border though, and I will use it again.

My next thoughts were that I should make the letters smaller. The only way to do this, and retain the proper letter-forms  is to use a smaller nib. Luckily I possess such a thing! A TWSBI 1.1 mm stub nib. So I fitted it to my pen and tried out some letters. It soon became apparent, however, that my writing was not up to par for a smaller nib. So I have switched out the nibs again and am working on my large italics still. I will want to write Winnie the Pooh using the smaller nib, so I am afraid that will have to wait also. I hope to work extra hard on my italics and write out Errantry properly this weekend, then start on Pooh Bear the following week. I have not forgotten the Hobbit Project, it will continue. Although once I get to chapter two I might take a wee break. That’s all for now. TTFN


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