Some More Hobbit

Well it has been a while. What with more computer troubles and some quill troubles, I am finally back for good, hopefully. I have some more Hobbit to share, although the scanner was weird and the scans came out a bit faded, so I’ll have to rescan them a post tomorrow. And I have not given up yet on italic, I’m still working on them; although I have stopped using Lloyd Reynolds book. Now I am just copying the alphabet letter by letter from Jacqueline Sveren book, Written Letters: 22 Alphabets for Calligraphers until it looks like the exemplar. I made a big purchase today and got three more inks, a new pen, and some nice paper and envelopes from The Goulet Pen Company, so I am pretty excited about that. Well I think that’s about that for this little update, and I hope to share some more tomorrow!


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