Beatrice and Virgil or Pears are so good!

I recently bought myself a new fountain pen, one on the cheaper side of the price scale but it works very well (and much better than the two cheap Scheaffer pens I have, although I still need to get some stub nibs for the new pen so I can do italic and stuff). I bought a TWSBI 540 and it came with a bottle of ink and a nifty three-in-one red/black pen/mechanical pencil. I am very happy with my purchase although I haven’t found much use for it, after all it is summer break now (no school), so far. But after running out of ink cartridges for writing the Hobbit I thought I’d try writing out something else. I chose to write out part of Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel. The book is about this author who is having a bit of a hard time. Then he get a letter in the mail, more than a letter: a whole play. He ends up meeting with the aspiring playwright, who is a taxidermist, to help him finish the play. The play itself is called, at first, “The 20th century Shirt” and it is what I’ve started copying out. Here are the first couple pages:

Here is the first page of the play that appears in Yann Martel’s “Beatrice and Virgil”

And page two of the play in “Beatrice and Virgil”


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