Quilled Miscellanea, or fun with Tolkien

Hello everyone, you may have seen that I have added a new page, let me explain this. The new page is where I will post everything I do with quills. My interest in quills emerged from my interest in writing, pens, and doing this how they used to be done. From Wikipedia, because I’m a bit lazy:

Quills were the principal writing instrument from the 6th to the 19th century, the best of which were usually made from goose and swan feathers, and later, turkey feathers, however, quills went into decline after the invention of the metal pen, first patented in America in 1810[citation needed]

I found this great website that explains how to make a quill for yourself, if you want to do that. So I found some feathers and got started. Now I had to decide what to write with my quill. Being a Tolkien fan, I decided the Silmarillion would be the perfect thing to write with a quill. I didn’t want to write out the whole thing, someone has done that already (and it’s damn impressive) so I opted to write just the first bit of each section.

After that several weeks went by and I got a strange notion into my head: wouldn’t it be cool if I wrote out the Hobbit with a quill? It was less dense and complicated than the Silmarillion, it was shorter and simpler than the Lord of the rings, it would be a great project. So I gave it a go. And then gave it a bit more thought and tried again. So far I’ve gotten a good bit into chapter one, I probably won’t post every single page, as I am not sure anyone wants  to see it all and it would take up a lot of space, but I will be posting the start of each new chapter and perhaps the songs.

So there you have it, my new page Quilled Miscellanea. If I do any other interesting things with my quill I will be sure to post it there.


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