The Morning Verse, Two Versions

As I have said previously, I went to a Waldorf school. How to explain Waldorf, Waldorf schools are based on the work of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Waldorf schools work to educate children for the whole of life, to take one of their sayings. This means a curriculum that is varied, to include art, music, language, movement, writing, math science etc.  A well-rounded education that is designed to grow as the child grows, introducing concepts and ideas when children are ready for them. Anyhow I am not going to try to convince anyone of the merits of Waldorf, or even to give an overview of the pedagogy or anything like that. I am only mentioning it because it has had a big impact on my life and many of my classmates will be friends for life. And because every morning we say a verse, to start the day and think about what we are doing each day at school.

I have written out this verse in my newly learned Chancery Italic.  The verse was written by Rudolf Steiner in his native german, and there have been many translations of it. The one I wrote out is the version we said every day in high school, before we started the day. A slightly different version was used for middle school, and different verses for the lower grades. Also, it’s a nice verse.  Anyway here it is:

The Waldorf Morning Verse for High School, in English

After finishing, I shared it (via Facebook) with my classmates. Needless to say they liked it, and one of them suggested that I write it in the original German. I was wondering what to write next and this seemed like a good idea, the two verses would complement each other wonderfully. So I found the verse online and did just that, I wrote it out and here it is:

The original verse in German, lots more red capitals (in German all the nouns are always capitalized)

And there you have it friends, the morning verse.


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