An Ambitious Start

After copying out the alphabet a couple of times and writing out upwards of a hundred and fifty A’s I decided a better way to get used to Chancery Italics was to embark on a project. I thought I would copy out some Rumi poems or a Robert Frost poem we studied in school (the one called birches) but browsing my bookshelves I came across my father’s copy of Howl, and other poems by Allen Ginsberg. I had heard a recording of Ginsberg reciting it and loved the fast, continuous stream of images, and decided this would make the perfect project.

(I am at about the 4:15 mark)

So I found a stack of big sheets of paper, carefully marked out the guidelines and began. And made a mistake, and got a new sheet, carefully marked out guidelines and tried again. And made the same mistake. The third time’s the charm. It was, no mistakes this time. I continued until I ran out of ink. After getting more ink I continued until I ran out of paper. I’ve discovered that Howl is a very long poem! Perhaps this was a bit of an over ambitious project to start, but it is going well and, once I get more paper, I have no intention of stopping. I’ve found that taking the time to carefully form each letter, making sure it’s beautiful and shapely, has been very satisfying and almost meditative.

A part of Part I of Howl, the beginning in fact


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