Bold Beginnings, perhaps

After getting home from college I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. Browsing YouTube (that’s what you do when you have a lot of time right?) I found this video and was immediately mesmerized.

Even going to YouTube just now to get the link I found myself just watching as he wrote that one word. I spent the rest of the day watching all his videos and any other calligraphy videos I could find. I was hooked, I had to learn how to do that, to write with such grace and beauty. This was not my first encounter with calligraphy, when I was in fourth grade we started learning to write with fountain pens. We also got to try out using quills, which was really hard to do as a fourth grader, but lots of fun. While perhaps not calligraphy per se, it was one of my first steps towards it, from fountain pens to calligraphy is not a very big leap. Starting in fourth grade we were required to do all our work with fountain pens.  I lost my fountain pen sometime during the summer after eighth grade do during high school I switched back to regular pens and the computer. At some point I was given a calligraphy set, this one from Sheaffer, but I let it sit for a long time. When I finally got it out I discovered calligraphy was a lot of work, I wanted to be able to write beautifully right away. I soon gave up when that didn’t happen.

A couple of weeks ago, after becoming obsessed with calligraphy and finding those videos, I looked for the calligraphy set and found it. I looked through the booklet that came with it and decided to start with the Chancery Italic Hand. It looked like a good place to start and was one of the first alphabets in the book. So I jumped right in, grabbed a piece of paper and wrote out the alphabet. I realized it would take a bit more than that. So I made myself a drawing board and carefully marked out some guidelines on a new piece of paper and wrote out the alphabet again, going very slowly and carefully. After copying out both the majuscules, the capital letters, and the minuscules, the lowercase letters, and all the numbers I was done for the day.


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